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About HonorDoctor Nutritions Inc.

Founded and registered in Canada, HonorDoctor Nutritions Inc. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to developing “functional” dietary supplements as its core business. With a good many world-leading patent technologies, the company aims to provide premium health products to a global clientele.

The company’s products mainly serve three groups of people: the elderly, children and women. With the wellness of our customers as the top priority, we endeavor to apply the most advanced and safe technologies to maximize the adoption rate of our products and to meet customers’ daily needs for nutrients using the smallest dose. The ultimate objective is to effectively improve the immunity level of our customers, to promote the healthy growth of children and to slow the aging process of adults.

" Best nutrient powers best gene! "

The Canadian Federal Ministry of Health is known for its strict management in the field of dietary supplements. We strictly follow the standards and procedures established by the Canadian Federal Ministry of Health in terms of product formula, ingredients, content, manufacturing process, production environment, QA and QC, etc. At the same time, we purchase the highest quality raw materials worldwide, and invite government-authorized third-party authoritative agencies to inspect the quality of our products and issue corresponding reports. In order to ensure product safety, we use the MAH methods to cooperate with manufacturers that have GMP (including FDA) standards defined by the World Health Organization. We use the MAH method to cooperate with manufacturers that have GMP standards defined by the World Health Organization (including FDA) to ensure product safety.

We have a mature service network in North America, and even during the COVID-19 epidemic, we can meet our consumers’ needs as soon as possible. In China, the company provides premium services to consumers via “Cross-Border e-Commerce” , complying with regulations such as the China Electronic Commerce Law.

HonorDoctor Brand

The founders of HonorDoctor advocate the word “Honor”, which means respect, integrity, honesty, responsibility and accountability. HonorDoctor has a strong team of first-class medical scientists, clinical physicians, pharmaceutical pharmacologists, production and quality control experts, market and service management experts, who are not only professional but also have strong beliefs in the healthcare cause.

With the greater goal of “promoting the longevity of all mankind”, here at HonorDoctor, with perseverance and relentless efforts, we are constantly innovating our products that iteratively move forward with the spirit of building on past achievements and striving for new progress.

For dietary supplements, excellence is not only about ingredients, it is also about purity. We are so committed to the cause that we will do it to the highest degree of professional proficiency. It is the belief and pursuit of HonorDoctor to promote the effective expression of excellent genes by developing and manufacturing the best products to make people live longer, healthier, and happier!

As early as 2016, HonorDoctor initiated the international “GeneShell TM” project on a batch of products that delay aging and improve immunity, such as β-nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) and AHCC.

This project concentrated on the use of high-quality nutrients in anti-aging and immune mechanisms in the prevention and repair of Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, liver and kidney damage and repair, protecting the optic nerve and inhibiting retinal detachment, optimizing female reproductive health, medical beauty, and preventing hair loss.

Our repeat customer business is a testament to our growth in this challenging industry and we are constantly reviewing ourselves to see how we can best serve you with product range and quality, keen pricing and fulfilment of orders.